The New Suckstore outpost

In Business July 25 2014, 0 Comments

So in addition to the regular Suckadelic online store ( which sells our standard products, we needed to add another store to sell more exclusive, one-of-a-kind items that get made in the Suckhole. That "Just email me dude" on instagram method was getting annoying when trying to move up to 30 unique items at a time. Lot of people said Shopify was the move, so here we are giving it a shot. Not sure how it's gonna work out, plus it hasn't really been customized yet. Lot of settings left on default for now. I need to sell this crap now, so all that can wait. If it goes well, we may combine the old store with this one. Go ahead, buy something and let us know how your "customer experience" was. We will do our best to correct any major fuck ups. Good Luck.